How We Work

At CMGC, we love helping clients and offering solutions when no one else does. The process we follow is streamlined and in 3 simple steps, you’ll be on the way to your perfect home.

Honest Talk & Application

Start with determining the expectations, maximum purchase price, and how much one can afford. If you are looking for a way to get the right mortgage, then you are the right place. Our online application is simple, easy to understand, and fully secure. Just fill out the required information on the form and one of our representatives will call you at your leisure to get started with your dream project.

Quick Loan Approval

Review all the requirements and help you get quick approval for the most flexible mortgage. We ensure the mortgage solutions you get well-matched with your financial objectives. All your crucial details will be evaluated in detail – including your income details, your credit score, type of mortgage you need, and the outstanding debt. With this, we will craft best-fitted mortgage solutions for you.

Find Home Of Your Dreams

After approval, directly deposit the funds to your account – you are on the way to a new home. Our team of mortgage experts is always on your side to ensure you access the best mortgage options and rates meeting your unique needs. Once you are satisfied with the home, further a real estate agent prepares a purchase offer for you.

Are you wondering how to apply for a mortgage? Or Have you been turned away by a bank due to bad credit? Or Your outstanding debt is mounting every day? Do not worry! Simply fill our contact form or call our expert brokers to help you out and design a mortgage to meet your unique requirement.