What services do we offer?

Simple And Easy Mortgage Solutions

Canadian Mortgage Group Corp is a top-notch mortgage agency trusted by Canadians for many decades. We offer comprehensive, professional, and easy lending solutions for all your needs. Our qualified and winning team has access to such deals that no other brokers in Canada can offer and they get the lowest rate from the colossal volume for you. We do not work for banks- we work for you!

We offer end-to-end solutions to meet your money requirements weather want to consolidate debt, want household renovation, grow your business, or start a business- talk to our experts to find the best-suited resolutions.

At CMGC, our experts strive to help you save money by paying the lowest rate of interest and grow your savings. We are not a strict lending institute; our process is simple and easy. So, if you have any mortgage queries, feel free to connect with our advisors- happy to answer!


Buying a home is just like climbing up a mountain. Further, to beat the odd one simple and effective method is opting for a mortgage. Whether you are seasoned buyers or first-time purchasing a house, we will simplify the mortgage process for you. From pre-approval to full approval to paperwork – we have got you covered for all!


Save your hard-earned money by renewing your ongoing mortgage. This method demands calculation- do not worry! Our expert will streamline this process for you. Plus, our team of diligent brokers will help you in getting the lowest rate on renewal and best terms. This will help you save thousands of bucks.

Debt Consolidation

Pay off your debt quickly and meet monthly bill obligations with our most effective debt consolidation services. Credit card, car loan, or student loan- whatever your debt requirement is to reduce overall debt burden with our highly trained debt consolidation experts.


Get the better term and lowest interest rate by refinancing your mortgage and save money with a reduced interest rate. It signals to pay a lower rate of mortgage interest and ends up saving money on the home investment. CMGC skilled brokers will assist you in getting the best-fitted resolution.


Mortgage pre-approval is a vital process that gives a clear picture to the home buyer on how much amount a lender is willing to lend. Our experts will make sure quickly process the pre-approval request. And you get the lowest interest rate that you can hold up to a good number of days.

Credit Counseling

Improve your credit score and pay low-interest rates on debt with our expert credit counseling solutions. Our trained professional will review your monthly household budget and offer you guidance that will assist you in making a well-informed decision about finances.